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Welcome  to be a part of this family of God.  

We wish to be a part of your family and we consider the people of Burr Oak Community Church to be family. We desire to walk beside everyone, no matter where they are, and to help each other experience God and the Holy Spirit in a real and tangible way. 

Our Vision

Our Vision for Burr Oak Community Church is 

to worship God, minister to each other, and reach the world for Christ.

  • To Worship God:  We believe that we are made in the image of God and are called into a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. We worship  Him because of His love and sacrifice given to us. 
  • To Minister to Each Other:  Burr Oak Community Church is a place to live the Christian life together. We believe that God calls us into a community of faith with one another, and we are called to care for one another as a body of fellow believers. 
  • To Reach the World for Christ:  God has sent each of us out to reach those around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a desire to see Jasper and Newton Counties,  and surrounding areas in Indiana be reached with the life changing truth of Jesus Christ as Savior. We desire to be a church that pastors our community. 
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