“Burr Oak witnessed many changes. While the church had visiting musical groups, they had no musical instruments and sang a cappella.  Some believed that conservative views would not accept a piano in the church.  Indeed, the first church vote to have a piano did not pass; however, several years later, it did.

Mt. Ayr School offered an old upright piano that needed repairs to one of the school teachers, Ronald Allen Leichty.  As a Burr Oak Church member, Ron offered the piano to the church.  Some thought Reverend Stoll would not approve a musical instrument in the church.  After member approval, Reverend Stoll personally paid for all the repairs and materials to refinish the piano.  Philip…and Virginia…Leichty and Ron and Sharon…Leichty completed the work.  Although Reverend Stoll was seventy-two years old at the time and typically reserved, he was clearly excited this day and insisted on helping the Leichty families as they ceremoniously mounted the steep steps that entered the front doors of the building and carried the first piano into the church sanctuary placing it east of the pulpit.  The piano was used for the first time on July 21, 1974 to accompany congregational singing.”1

1 Leichty, Sharon Julia, History of the Jasper-Newton County, Indiana Amish Settlement and the Miller Amish Cemetery, 223.

1975-10 Simon & Alice 40th Ann
Virginia Leichty plays a song on the first Burr Oak piano.