…Burr Oak Mennonite Church is known as “The Church in the Cornfield” by some churches in Haiti? [Read more]

…Burr Oak was into environmental awareness and recycling way before it was popularized by political pressure?  [Read more]

…there is a building in St. Anne, Illinois named after the Burr Oak congregation?  Want to learn why? [Read more]

…Burr Oak lead pastors have all been first-time pastors? [Read more]

…other church, individuals, a local hardware store and a Catholic institution have helped us with our baptisms? [Read more]

…an Amish bishop, a Mennonite farmer, a Mennonite woodworker, and a Methodist revival preacher produced the cross that hangs in the sanctuary? [Read more]

…Burr Oak had a cappella singing until one hot summer day on July 24, 1974? [Read more]

…Burr Oak, in an attempt to reach out beyond their four walls, held their first Bible School in Mt. Ayr, Indiana in 1948? [Read more]

…the Burr Oak member who urged the congregation to purchase a plot of land for the church cemetery was the first one buried there? [Read more]